All About Four Card Poker

Four Card Poker Strategy

Unlike as in three card poker, when it comes to the four card version of poker, the strategy becomes slightly complex to implement. There are many poker experts who have written immensely about the so-called best four card poker strategies. But we must mention a certain complex 10 step strategy explained in a book titled ‘Beyond Counting’, written by James Grosjean. Although you can use other simpler strategies too, we’ve figured that this one works pretty well for many people.

The basic idea behind a large majority of four card poker strategies is raising the stakes to the maximum whenever you get good hands, and folding whenever you feel you don’t stand a chance of winning. Ascertaining these possibilities and determining the possibilities that lie in-between, is where the major challenge is when it comes to four card poker. Another strategy that’s quite popular among the four card poker enthusiasts was devised by someone known as Stanley Ko.

The raising strategy in four card poker

This particular strategy involves raising at least 3 times whenever you get a pair of tens or a higher hand.
In the event that you get a pair of twos, or any other pair up till 9, you should raise the ante bet by the minimum raise amount one times.
It’s best to fold your cards if you get anything lesser than a pair of twos, as the winning chances would be quite low.
Using this strategy delivers a house advantage of 3.396%, provided you combine that edge with the ideal payout schedule. The house edge may get possibly affected in the event there are changes in the payout schedule.
The most commonly seen payout schedule in case of the aces up bet, has a house edge of 3.89%, suggesting that aces up bet isn’t the best bets to place in four card poker. Although this bet type can be very tempting, owing to its high jackpot amount, playing the regular game strategically can deliver comparatively better results. Hence, anyone who’s looking at consistent gains from four card poker should avoid placing aces up bets.

Figuring the best payout

As four card poker is a comparatively newer game in the poker universe and may/may not be available in every online/off-line casino, you won’t get the luxury of going casino-hopping, looking for the best payout tables.
Furthermore, not a lot of statistical analysis has been done to determine house edge variations between different four card poker payout schedules. Hence, the chances of coming out significantly ahead, even if you locate the best casino with the ideal four card poker payout, are not too promising.

Some dos and don’ts in four card poker

Anyone who wishes to consistently win at four card poker must keep in mind certain basics that are essential for winning at any casino game. First and foremost, ensure that you never indulge in any poker play while you’re drunk or are too tired. The idea is to be alert and in complete senses when you play.
Then remember that the average aces up paybacks are comparatively lesser than the average ante bet paybacks. And it’s not mandatory that you play both. Don’t refrain from letting the casino know either explicitly or by avoiding the aces up bets completely in case you feel that the payback is lower than usual on these bets.
Furthermore, avoid playing with real money which you can’t possibly afford to lose. In addition, always remember to maintain certain lower and upper betting limits. Make sure that you leave the table and the casino if you reach either of these limits, most importantly the upper limit.
Ensure that you hold back a certain part of any major poker win, so that you eventually leave the casino with at least a slightly higher amount than you walked in with. This’ll make sure that your overall average poker wins are on the better side, no matter how frequently or occasionally you play.
Last but not the least, keep in mind that four card poker is a game that should be played for entertainment purposes only. If you’re someone who wishes to earn his/her livelihood from a casino, it’d be better to take up the pit boss’s or the dealer’s job. Casino gambling is all about fun. If you do make some money in the process, feel good about it and stay happy. In the event that you don’t, keep in mind that you’re there solely for having a good time and not to make a living!