All About Four Card Poker

Bet Types and Payouts

Four card poker is a new age thrilling variant of poker, a conventional casino card game. A large number of gambling analysts and players are of the opinion that its rules are almost the same as that of three card poker. However, if you take a closer look at this game, you’ll discover that it is far more enjoyable and exciting compared to the three card variant.

You get two different betting options in four card poker, each one having a corresponding bonus payout structure. The two different bet types you can place in four card poker are the
- Ante/play bet and
- The aces up bet

So, essentially you can place your chips on the circles marked “ante/play bet,” “ace up” side bet or on both of them. Players who’re keen on increasing their winnings by indulging in strategic play against the dealer, must play only the ante/play bet. On the other hand, anyone wishing to significantly improve his/her winnings whenever he/she gets a strong poker hand, must place a wager in the aces up side bet. He/she can also bet on both the possibilities if it fits his/her overall strategy.

What’s interesting about this game is that you can reduce the house edge by indulging in efficient and strategic ante betting techniques. Using such strategies, players who regularly place ante bets can get to know when it would be advantageous or disadvantages for them to raise their bet amounts or when it’d be better to fold their hands. They can figure this out easily by looking at the dealer’s face up card and their own cards. It can give them a good idea if they’ll indeed be able to beat the dealer’s hand or not. Any time a player feels that his/her hand is good enough to beat the dealer’s hand, he/she can raise the ante/play bet amount to a maximum of three times.

On the other hand, any player who places an ace up side bet receives a handsome bonus payout if he/she gets a pair of aces, four of a kind, straight flush or three of a kind. Anyone who places an aces up bet need not necessarily beat the dealer’s hand to qualify for the bonus. All they need is a good enough four card poker hand and they can increase their returns by almost 25 times of the bet amount.

Both the aces up side bet and the ante/play bet provide ample winning opportunities to players wanting to increase their bankroll. However, it’s best for one to carefully assess which of these two bet types may prove to be advantageous for him/her. Anyone who is a skilled poker players can do very well by strategically placing ante bets. On the other hand, a player who’s more dependent on his/luck is more likely to do well by consistently placing the ace up side bet.